A Holistic Approach to Raising a Dog


Fernando introduced himself to us and then he met Lola our dog. He came across as knowledgeable about our dog’s breed, asking questions, and in addition to training he provided feedback and suggestions as to her grooming, her food, etc. -Lauren W. 8/2017





  • Canine Education is a professional in-home dog training company. Our training philosophy is based on establishing a leader / follower relationship with your best friend by using positive reinforcement, deference training (teaching your dog to ask you permission), walking training, and healthy levels of affection. Canine Education teaches your family how to set rules and behavior expectations for your best friend to follow.
  • A Canine Educator will visit your home for at least three sessions, to address your area(s) of training. Each session lasts 60 – 90 minutes. Lessons build on each other so the homework you are given will be important for the next session. As your dog is in training it’s important to limit his or her exposure to high stimulating environments while he or she is learning the new skills. Prepare to become the leader of your pack and bring harmony to your household.


  • Canine Education offers both Dog and Cat health care solutions, Holistic Consultations.
  • Canine Education offers Dog and Cat teeth brushing, grooming, nail clipping, ear cleaning classes for pet owners.
  • Canine Educations pet experts offers holistic advice to combat pet allergies, fleas, and aging process.
  • Canine Education offers world-wide holistic animal care / rescue animal care group classes, seminar bookings.
  • Canine Education works with local charities to give back to their community through food donation drives, and animal rescue organizations.



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