About Our Holistic Approach

Three dogs hanging in the back seat of a car.

Two women with their dogs.

Canine Education is a professional in-home dog training service in San Diego, CA.

Our mission is to work with dog owners to create behavior expectations and rules for the dog to follow; simultaneously, educate the owner how to enforce the rules and establish his or her leadership.

Our goal is to empower every dog owner to raise a well-balanced dog you can take to public places, be around other dogs, entertain guests, and relax at home without having to worry about misbehaviors.

Our training philosophy is based on establishing a leader/ follower relationship with your dog, employing exercise and positive reinforcement, and setting behavior expectations in order to reduce and deter existing or future problem behaviors.


Canine Education: A Holistic Approach to Raising a Dog.

Our holistic approach involves T.E.L.L.S.:

  • Teaching your dog what the boundaries are inside and outside of the¬†home.
  • Educating owners how to effectively use dog handling skills.
  • Leading your dog and teaching him/her how to be your follower.
  • Listening to your dog’s emotional well-being.
  • Socializing your dog and teaching good dog manners.

Canine Education visits your home for at least an hour and a half (1.5 hours) for two (2) consecutive weeks.
The first session, Canine Education will:

  • Give a consultation.
  • Observe your canine and gain his or her trust.
  • Give a Loose Leash Lesson to establish leadership.
  • Teach you and your dog Canine Education.
  • Leave you with recommendations on how to further challenge your dog.

The following week, Canine Education will:

  • Properly re-establish leadership.
  • Discuss the past week’s triumphs and struggles.
  • Recreate the struggles to enhance your handling skills.
  • Continue to introduce new challenges to enforce “good dog manners,”¬†possibly with my canine “teacher’s aids.”
  • Reinforce and strengthen your dog handling skills.