Many people want to “master” the walk and want more control than the traditional collar and leash provides.  Harnesses are a good way to encourage or discourage your dog from pulling.  Once you decide the activity you want to do with you dog, you’ll want to choose an appropriate harness.

Standard Harness:

Harnesses that attach on the back are best used for active dogs and humans.  With the leash on the back, the dog can easily dig his or her feet into the ground to pull.  Consider using these types of harnesses when jogging, or safely biking with your hound.


Pulling Harness:

Harnesses that attach on the back with padding on the front are made for speed.  These harnesses allow the dog to pull and run fast without discomfort.  These harnesses are best for people who can safely skateboard or rollerblade with their dogs at a fast speed.  In colder climates, these harnesses are used on sled dogs.  When engaging in fast pace activities, the human must be able to keep both the dog and him or herself safe and know how to quickly stop.


No-pull Harness:

Harnesses that attach on the breast are the best harnesses for your daily walks.  Because the leash attaches in the front, when the dog tries to pull, it is redirected to the side which acts as a deterrent from pulling.  Use these harnesses when you are walking your dog around the neighborhood, in the park, or any time you want to walk at your pace and enjoy the view.


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