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Three 60 minute sessions

Suggested for most cases.

$282 = 3 hours of service

3 payments of $94

Video Session

Suggested for those who need to brush up on his or her current handling skills, and have not worked with Canine Education yet; or if you want a specific, mild, behavior addressed. Payment through Venmo due prior to session start time.

$65 = 45 minutes of service

Six 90 minute sessions

Suggested for those cases who need to be re-socialized and/or re-taught how to act like a friendly dog.  For example, dogs with more aggression, fear, timidness, insecurity, etc, issues will see the most improvement from this amount of service.

$720 = 9 hours of service

4 payments of $180

Puppy Training Course

Suggested for puppies from 8 weeks – 6 months old. Each session is 60 minutes long, there are 7 sessions in this course.

$560 = 7 hours of service

4 payments of $140

Payment information:

Reoccurring payments are processed through Venmo: @CanineEducation. All credit cards will be processed through Square for your safety and convenience. Check is gladly accepted. Cash discount upon request, full payment needed to qualify.

A travel fee applies once per training program (not session) for residents in our extended service area. See www.canineeducationsd.com/travel-fees/ for our extended service areas.

Additional session*

*Available after a minimum of three hours of Canine Education has been delivered. Suggested for clients who need assistance honing his or her dog handling skills. Receive extra support in an area(s) that needs more attention or take Canine Education on the road and challenge your dog in a public situation. (BBQ’s, family gatherings, Sunday brunch, happy hour, coffee shops, dog beach, festivals,  Farmer’s Markets, etc.)

$90 = 1 hour of service

Free* Consultation

Call 619-738-8355 or text 801-755-3780, email Fernando@CanineEducationSD.com for your consultation!

* Residents in North Park and neighbors are eligible for a free consultation. Residents in Travel Zones I-VI must pay a $60 consultation fee.


SONY DSCCanine Educator, Fernando, helping Marge keep a “loose leash” during her Canine Education session.

Travel Zones

imageCanine Education is based out of the North Park area.  We service most of San Diego county; however, some areas require a travel fee to cover the time & costs associated with servicing that area.