Audrey Pup

Seven years ago Audrey was brought into our pack to ease our Alaskan Malamute’s separation anxiety.  Audrey is a Golden Retriever and has several food allergies.  Whenever Audrey ate “sub-standard” food she would either break into a rash or become itchy and create hot spots.  This Blog follows Audrey as she gives up a Salmon and Sweet Potato kibble for raw, ground meat!


Real Roar founder, Lena Meyer, came to my house and did some calculations (using Audrey’s age and weight) to determine how much meat Audrey needs for each feeding.  To cleanse the kibble from Audrey’s, she got to fast for a 24 hour period.  Because eating raw meat is foreign to most domesticated dogs, a fast also builds up the appetite for the first feeding!

Stay tuned for the next entry…