“We have an adorable dog that is sometimes incredibly annoying with licking, jumping and walking on our heels. Fernando spent 45 minutes with us yesterday helping us to reclaim our bodies, give Emma the commands to do what she needs to do, and help us with marking the behavior to have her stop. He is really, really good. Even though we have trained with others before and our dog has some great recall of previous commands, this was the best re-education. He is great to work with and I would highly recommend him to others.”

-Kate P.  Point Loma,   9/7/14

“Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend Fernando for in-board dog training and in-home dog training. He trained our dog while she was staying at 24 hour dog daycare (who had recommended him to us) while we were on vacation. He gave us peace of mind by ensuring that she didn’t lose all her valuable training and knowledge while we were away. He also emailed us a report on her progress, which was great and reassuring. Fernando is very professional and makes efficient use of the time. He’s not only good at training the dog, but also has great people skills and knows how to train us (the owners) on how to continue with his methods. He trained on how to get the most out of the leash and empowered us to be better leaders. We will definitely be using him again if any new problems arise with our dog!”

-Andrea G.  24 Hour Dog Daycare board & train service,   8/14/14

“I would highly recommend Fernando. He scheduled an appointment right away with us and came to our home. He is helping our foster dog Willow learn the skills she needs to be a wonderful addition to a new family. He is compassionate and patient and it is obvious he knows and understands dogs. As a veterinary technician I spend 40 plus hours a week with dogs and I learned so much from him. Don’t waste anymore time thinking about training for your dog. You and your dog will be so happy you called him.”

-Leanne S.  Chula Vista,   6/15/14


“I contacted Fernando about my two rescue dogs who were having severe leash aggression issues.  I tried other trainers before being referred to Fernando and am so thankful I hired him.  Let me just say that Fernando is amazing!  You could see the change almost immediately in both dogs! i just couldn’t believe how quickly these dogs transformed with Fernando’s guidance.  If you are having behavior problems w/ your dog or just want to get your dog off on the right foot I highly recommend you contact Fernando! :)”

-Christine C.  Solana Beach,   5/8/14

“Fernando is lovely, generous with his time, and transformed my time at the dog park from an anxiety-ridden experience to one of calm enjoyment–which is the whole point of going, after all. i heartily recommend him, especially to anyone who has concerns about their dogs’ safety when interacting with other dogs.”

-Amy S.  San Diego,   4/30/14


“I got a wonderful Baja Rescue dog named Jessie Girl…..a cattle dog in appearance despite her description as a Lab/Shep mix.  She is a sweetheart of a dog but after a few weeks became very very protective of me and started creating a real problem when I had company come.  At first it wasn’t so bad and I thought she would settle down but she got more and more protective to the point I was extremely concerned.  She loves my four grandsons but adults…well was starting to really be a problem.  I called Baja Rescue and they referred me to Fernando.  I set up a meeting with the whole family here and he came to teach us all how to handle Jessie Girl when she gets carried away.  He was amazing….so gentle and so kind and so so good with Jessie Girl……………and an improvement could be seen right away as long I as her master LEARN what he taught me……….I think it wasn’t  Jessie Girl who needed the training it was me…………..so patient help and so appreciated.  I’d recommend Fernando to anyone anytime.  I may have him back in a few weeks for some brush up help if what he taught me last night doesn’t stick.  Jessie Girl has a permanent home for sure but I guess she needs to know who is in charge……ME…not her :)o  Thank you Fernando so much.”

-Bonnie S.  El Cajon,   3/19/14

“I highly recommend Fernando (Canine Education) to help with your dog training. My husband and I adopted a 5 month old puppy from The Barking Lot in July 2013 and by November we realized we were in trouble. Maddie, our cute little puppy, barked at everything. Visitors to our home were greeted with a very noisy welcome and walking had become a chore, as she pulled on the leash.

Fernando came to our home and changed everything. He was able to take what was not working with our training of Maddie and show us a better way. He taught us about dog behavior and what to look for, so we can direct Maddie before she is out of control.

Thank you, Fernando, for your calming energy and for teaching us to be better dog parents!”

-Linda M.   Bay Park,   2/19/14

“My husband and I have two small female dogs, a Dachshund mix and a Terrier mix. We got them both as puppies and both played relatively well with each other until a few months ago. One of our dogs started to show what we thought was aggressive behavior. We were at our wits end because our dogs were literally attacking each other.

My husband and I were desperate to get their negative behaviors under control and our home back in order. I called over 10 different trainers and facilities but Fernando, the owner of Canine Education, was the only trainer willing to meet us within a 24 hour time span. We have every hectic schedules but Fernando was VERY accommodating. He was OK with scheduling us as early as 7am!!

Our dogs definitely tested our patience but Fernando assured us that we were going to be OK. First, he taught US to the leaders of the pact. He spent a lot of time teaching us how to assert our dominance and really gain control of our dogs. Then he worked on our pups and got them to understand that we were the leaders.

Don’t waste your time with other trainers. You’ll LOVE Fernando’s holistic approach!!”

-Dayse  M.  Little Italy,   1/4/14

I want to tell anyone looking for help with your dogs to call Fernando!!! My girlfriend and I adopted a 11 month dog and with Fernando’s help she is turning into a wonderful addition to the house. Since she was rescued she had some issues to deal with and Fernando couldn’t have been more helpful. Not just the trainings he provides in person but the tips he has giving us might have been the biggest help. He really has made us think about things or try different techniques that we NEVER would have thought of. I HIGHLY recommend using Fernando. Plus, personally Fernando is a very kind and understanding person, the right kind of attitude for this profession!
We will continue to use his services and advice for a long time to come!
Thanks Fernando!!!”

-Jeff H.  Pacific Beach,   12/11/13

We adopted a very cute but also very very spoiled puppy named Lotus back in July.  Fernando has helped us a lot in training her to have some basic canine good behavior such as stay, come, leave it, and walk well on a leash.   We like his techniques very much:  positive, affectionate, patient, as well as firm and consistent.  Thank you for your help, Fernando.”

-Tami Y.  San Diego,   12/5/13

Fernando is great. One of my dogs has some territorial etc issues and after only two meetings he is already getting much better. I am learning how to talk to the dogs so they understand the Mama means it. Completely recommend–great trainer!”

-Annie S.  National City,   10/2/13

Fernando is an amazing teacher/dog trainer.  He educates my dog and, more importantly, me!  Even after just the 1st introductory session, my dog’s behavior improved significantly.  I couldn’t believe it!  I have recommended Canine Education to several friends and they are equally as happy with the positive changes in their dogs’ behavior.”

-Jackie L.  Scripps Ranch,   9/30/13

I am so happy to have been connected to Fernando through The Barking Lot! As a volunteer, I love to spoil any dog that comes across my path. This also means spoiling my Pit Bull and chihuaua. Not long after, the dogs ran the household.
Fernando came to my house and sat with me, asking questions about the dogs and their interaction with people/other animals/ us/ each other. He really cared and wanted to know about the dog before he began training.

He helped me drastically improve walking our large dog on the leash, and to teach me to be the boss in the relationship. It’s been tiring to walk the dogs, due to the pulling,  but Fernando gave me the tools to make it an easier, more productive walk.

It’s only been 1 session and I already know that my relationship with my dog has changed. I would recommend Canine Education to anyone who is having ANY type of issue with their dog/pack. You will be so thankful you did it.

Thanks Fernando!”

-Sarah L.  South Park,   8/27/13

My Wife and I just finished our sixth and final (for now) session. Canine Education is exactly what we were looking for. We gained a better understanding of how the canine mind works, and how we as owners should interface with our dog, and other dogs. This is not the shock your dog into submission type of training, you learn lasting skills free of any teaching devises.

Recommend Canine Education to anyone just starting out, or ready for a refresher with an established four-legged family member. Very respectful of dog and owner(s).

Also, nice to work directly with the owner. No bait and switch practice hear. The owner met us at our house, at the park, even at his house. We learned so much and happy to say we don’t need to rely on treats or any fancy devises.”

-Nick H.  University Heights,   7/31/13

Fernando is a great resource for any dog owner!  His calm, assertive energy and intuitive approach can help a dog through any challenge.

In just 3 sessions, Fernando has made a huge impact in helping me learn how to not only set boundaries with my puppy, Paco, but more importantly, how to communicate with him – an extra challenge since he is deaf.

In addition to being deaf, Paco is a very playful little guy with endless amounts of puppy energy to burn.  He was abandoned and had been roaming the streets, acting on instincts and impulse for who knows how long before we found each other.  So needless to say, he had a lot to learn (and so did I)!  Luckily, Paco also has a big, loving heart and with Fernando’s guidance, Paco and I have been able to teach each other.  We’re both happy campers now, thanks to Canine Education.”

-Angela A.  Gaslamp District,   7/8/13

I highly recommend Canine Education and can’t say enough good things about them!  Fernando is amazing and really knows what he is doing.  I regularly foster dogs and have a dog of my own.  With all of the foster dogs coming in and out, the dynamic in my house is always changing.  Fernando helped me establish leadership in my household and taught me how to address and redirect specific behavior issues I was having with my dog and foster dog not only on walks, but also in the house.  I was beginning to think that I would never be able to walk the dogs together without looking like a three ring circus and was overly frustrated with my dogs’ reactions to people walking by our house and strangers coming to the door.  My dogs were clearly in charge, but that is not the case anymore!  I am so much happier, the dogs are so much happier, and I feel like I have the tools now to be a successful pack leader in my home!”

-Erica D. 7/8/13

I just wanted to say thank you to Fernando who came to my house today to help me with my doggie. Not only did he help us improve our leash walking but he gave me solid advice on how to be the boss in our household. We have been struggling with resource guarding and I finally think we can resolve the issues we’ve been having.

I can highly recommend Canine Education if you are looking for a good dog trainer and I will definitely be using his services again. Every dog owner should consider the help of a professional. It is amazing how much you learn in just a few sessions. Daisy and I are very grateful :)”

-Elin H.  San Diego,   6/24/13

Fernando is simply amazing at not only transforming your dog but also making sure that you understand how to train your pooch in a calm respectful manner. Iv been working in rescue for over 5 years as a foster parent for dogs in the U.S and Mexico, in that time iv worked with dozens of trainers that but NONE have ever been as much of a people person as they are a dog person until Fernando. Nothing is worse than taking the dog you can’t figure out how to train to some that talks down to you and make you feel like a horrible pet owner. I will honestly never use another trainer for help with my foster dogs or my perfect little Chinese crested (Kimo). I highly recommend Fernando as a dog/people trainer, he is extremely knowledgeable and patient as you learn how to maintain all the progress your pooch has made.”

-Avory C.  City Heights,   6/24/13

Fernando is a great trainer!  You will be extremely pleased with Fernando’s demeanor with you and your dog.  You will see a huge change in just one session.  I could not be more pleased with our sessions.  I have a boxer that can now interact with people and other dogs without aggression.   It’s great to be able to walk Roxy and be in public places with her. Thanks Fernando!!”

– Robin T.  Point Loma,   5/11/13

Fernando is amazing. My chihuahua mix Bailey has been going to him about three days a week for the last three months with the goal of becoming a certified service animal and our nonprofit’s art gallery dog. I am proud to say Bailey just had his first gallery reception and was a perfect gentleman! He is calm in restaurants and cafes, and I have even started bringing him to meetings with me. Fernando has helped me to be a good pack leader and respectful owner of my dog and seriously improved our relationship. Recommended!”

– April G. Elvin Forrest,   5/8/13

Fernando is the man!  Definitely a true dog whisperer with an innate ability to assess your canine situation and suggest simple strategies that immediately affect the behavior of both you and your dog!  After 1 lesson we were already seeing huge improvements from our chihuahuas and our notorious minpin.

Thank you Canine Education!”

-Tamara C. El Cajon,   2/6/13

I can’t say enough about Fernando’s services!  I adopted a sweet pit bull from The Barking Lot and had a crisis 3 days later when she had an unexpected altercation with my other dog.  They had such an outstanding rapport that I never anticipated any problems between them.  My first thought was regret that I would not be able to keep the new dog, who I was already in love with.

Fernando met me at my home THAT EVENING when I returned from work and completely reset the energy between the dogs and helped me to see very clearly that the problem was ME.  Once I changed my behaviors to be the alpha of the house, the dogs were happy to follow my lead and do whatever I asked of them.

Canine Education has COMPLETELY changed the quality of experience I will be able to have with both dogs!  I could not be happier!! 🙂  I HIGHLY recommend Fernando’s Services to anyone with dogs!  THANK YOU FERNANDO!

-Susanne Encinitas,   11/6/12

For first time owners of a new puppy, Fernando was a godsend to me and my wife.  We adopted our little guy from the Barking Lot in El Cajon and Fernando’s Canine Education information was included.  He offered a complimentary leash lesson which was educational for both us and our dog.  Honestly, it was a bit like the Dog Whisperer in that he framed the whole experience as a lesson for all involved, and not merely a “I’m your master, you’re my dog” type of relationship.  We purchased a month’s worth of weekly dog walks and also had additional dog park lesson.  He is honest and constructive in his assessment of both you and your dog, which gave me plenty of motivation to constantly improve on my interactions with my little guy.

Fernando genuinely cares about the owner-dog relationship and is both an owner and foster-parent to several dogs, some of which will accompany him on the walks, which gives your dog the added benefit of socialization.  He has a flexible schedule and reasonable prices, especially given some of the rates around town.

Give him a try and you’ll benefit even from just a couple of lessons”

-Jerry Bankers Hill   7/29/12

Staffiture terrier at the park.

I recently met Fernando at a Women’s Event where I was trying to promote my new business. I had really been interested in seeking a trainer for my dog. She is a Pitbull/German Shepard mix. When I explained the problems to Fernando that we were experiencing with our dog, he was very confident and patient with us. I had my suspicions because when I begin to say our dog is very hyper that doesn’t even begin to cover it. When Fernando came to our house he listened to ALL our concerns and began to address them. When I say that he transformed Raja (our dog), literally I mean she is a different dog. We took her to the vet for routine vaccines and the vet was astonished at her transformation. She had once offered us tranquilizers for our dog in order to get her to the vet and she couldn’t even believe how well behaved she is now. Fernando is AMAZING and I have complete faith and trust in his abilities. I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about getting a trainer for their dog. I will continue to use Fernando’s services and will go to him with any questions I have regarding my dog.”

-Janette H. La Mesa   6/4/12

I adopted a dog from The Barking Lot in El Cajon about a month ago. When I brought the dog, Riley, home, I had two appointments set up immediately with Fernando. I own cats and this is the first dog I ever owned as an adult. Fernando was very patient, with me and Riley! Within two visits Riley was walking beside me off leash, climbing steps she was formerly scared of, and generally feeling more comfortable in her new home. As a new dog owner, I appreciated the fact that Fernando would take my calls with questions after the training was over. I called him about three times to make sure I was doing the right things! I highly recommend Fernando. He truly cares about the pets he trains.”

-Rose Carmel Valley   5/28/12

We recently obtained the services of Canine Education for 2 weeks. We needed a little guidance with our 4 year old Corgi mix and Fernando was there to help tremendously. He showed us how to apply the training and also understand the reason behind it. We definitely recommend Canine Education. It can help from teaching your puppy the basics to re-training a rescue dog.”

-Ana Gaslamp District   3/9/12

Corgie at the Padres game.

 We recently obtained the services of Canine Education for 2 weeks. We needed a little guidance with our 4 year old Corgi mix and Fernando was there to help tremendously. He showed us how to apply the training and also understand the reason behind it. We definitely recommend Canine Education. It can help from teaching your puppy the basics to re-training a rescue dog.”

-Ana C. University Heights   3/9/12

I have a two year old small dog that has taken over our house. In two weeks Fernando was able to transform our dog into an obedient lovable pet. The training wasn’t just for our family pet, but he taught us what we were doing wrong and how to be consistent with our training. I highly recommend Canine Education for either a new puppy or a dog like ours that was never trained properly.”

-LaVonna Mira Mesa  San Diego   2/26/12

Small dog.